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Web Optimisation

SEO | Onpage optimisation for websites

The online industry is highly competitive these days and the competition seems to only get more fierce as days go by. It’s becoming an important tasks for website owners to optimise their site for keywords they want to target for. Part of the optimisation process involves looking into how well the website is structured for SEO. You will benefit from in-depth website analysis, implementation of proven on page optimisation strategies, comprehensive check of whether it meets the Google Panda and Penguin updates, analysis of relevancy factor, indexability of a web page, duplicate content check, alt tag implementation, heading tag use, keyword density, anchor links, internal links, and clear instructions on what needs to be addressed. You can submit a million links but without proper on-page optimisation, your efforts are of almost no use. Sure, it will bring you traffic but not relevant traffic to drive your sales through the roof. This is where we come in. We work towards achieving results that are far superior than any other SEO company out here in New Zealand or Overseas.

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SEO | Onpage optimisation for websites

Our onpage Optimisation package includes

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Title Tag Optimisation
Meta Description Optimisation
Meta Keywords Selection
Duplicate Content Check
Alt Tag Optimisation
Anchor Text Optimisation
Headings Optimisation

Bold Body Text Optimisation
Media Optimisation
Sitemap Creation
Website Speed & Suggestion
Robot.txt Creation
Robot Meta Check
WWW Redirect Suggestion

Internal Website Linking
Canonicalisation Check
Custom 404 Errors Check
Internal & External Links Check
Language Meta Tag Check
On page Implementation
Image SEO

Keyword Research

Good keywords are everything if you are looking for results. Our experts have valuable knowledge in keyword research.

Keyword Analysis
Primary Keyword Suggestion

Secondary Keyword Suggestion
Long-Tail Keyword Suggestion

Targeted URL Suggestion
Competition Analysis

Page Speed Optimisation

Google and other search engines use speed to determine ranking. We have excellent experience in improving page speed.

Gzip & Minifying

Browser Caching Suggestion

Image Optimisation

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