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Hosted MailWizz - Self-hosted email marketing software

High volume sender? Experience blazing fast speeds!

We can help you install, configure and optimise MailWizz for your email marketing needs. The software includes all the features you can wish for with message feeds, or costs based on subscriber number of lists as other vendors tend to charge. Full-featured with thorough documentation, you will have all the data on your servers and stay compliant with GDPR. Sending millions of emails using such software can be a challenge, and this is where our team comes in. We make it easy for you to scale your operations efficiently. We make sure your installation stays snappy despite dealing with millions of subscribers, lists, and campaigns. We look after the security for your server and any new patches released, so you will always stay with the most up to date features. If you are someone who is blasting millions of emails, this is an ideal service for you. You do not have to worry about the app hosting complexities, CPU, RAM and all the rest of it. Leave all that to us!

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High volume sender? Experience blazing fast speeds!

What we offer for MailWizz users


We make it easy by installing for you, whether it’s the actual software package or mailWizz extensions. We ensure they are installed correctly, so the software performs at its best. We also follow the best practices for top class performance.


Leave the configuration to us to optimally configure it to suit your requirements. We set up your domain, domain authentication, suggest on SPF/DKIM setup, bounce servers, feedback loop servers, delivery settings, cron jobs and more.

Marketing Consulting

Want to land in the inbox? Not sure how to automate? We use our ten years of email marketing experience to suggest how best to run your campaigns and help you implement best practices, and give you some valuable tips and tricks along the way.

High Availability Setup

When you are offline, all your tracking links will stop working, and that’s lost revenue in your marketing effort. Trust us to keep your platform running using a high availability setup, which means there is a backup for backup to ensure your platform is always online.

Server Patching/Updates

Security is critical when storing private email data. This is why we constantly update your server with the latest patches and security updates. Our team of system admins ensure that your platform stays up to date to keep things running smoothly.

Firewall & Security

Another crucial aspect of keeping data secure involves a comprehensive firewall to stop any illegitimate requests and access gain to your customer’s data. We configure a strong firewall and protect your data using the best practices in the industry.

Advanced Caching

We implement best in the industry when it comes to caching from Redis to OPCache. We help optimise to ensure commonly performed tasks like dashboard statistics, so you get instant results without clogging up the database to keep things snappy.

Free CDN

We offer a free, fast, agile, secure global network CDN provider to ensure super fast delivery of dynamic content across the globe. This allows us to keep bandwidth costs to a minimum which we then pass it on to you. It’s world-class CDN service!

Custom Extensions

Want a custom MailWizz extension that aids in your marketing efforts and fits in with your other business tools or apps? We are great at that too. We have developed custom extensions that automate routine tasks, and aid companies deliver great experience.

Top-notch Support

Do you see that little chat button pleading for you to click on it? That’s us! We’re here with you while you are ready for this. We are quick to provide support. It’s one of the things we take pride in. Having a problem with something, just give us a buzz!

Deliverability Consulting

Landing in the inbox can be tricky? There are many things to worry about like domain reputation, authentication, SPF/DKIM, DMARC, spammy keywords, broken links, content to image ratio, tracking links, IP reputation. We can help you with it all.

24/7 Server Monitoring

Wouldn’t you feel comforted knowing someone is monitoring your MailWizz install 24x7x365 days? We provide that kind of monitoring because we know keeping your platform running is important. We make sure that happens and alert you of everything.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Absolutely. We would prefer if you purchase it directly from their website through Envato Marketplace. If you do not have a license, we can buy a license on your behalf and install the platform for you. Either way, you need a license for any platform we host or operate. Alternatively, you can bring in your existing license and apply for a domain change from their site. Their automated system will be able to do this for you in a matter of seconds, and we are good to go.

Very different.

1) Fast bulk email sending at its best. When you host MailWizz yourself, many things could cause a bottleneck for you to deliver your email campaigns with speed optimally. And when it comes to email campaigns, you can ask an expert; they will always tell you timing is everything. We have seen hundreds of clients whose emails performed far better because they could deliver on time and get their customer’s attention at optimal times. What’s the point of sending an email campaign at the end of a working day when most people aren’t interested in seeing another email as they finish their workday. This is one of the differences we bring to the table. We can optimise their software in a way where you can deliver email campaigns with speed.

2) We are experts in digital marketing. We look after many things you probably won’t be able to by yourself. We have run the software for several years, and we know what works and what doesn’t. We are always suggesting our clients the best ways to get the most out of their digital marketing. We can learn more about your business and suggest the best practices explicitly catered for your business. We can suggest optimisations to make to your email campaign to get those extra open and click rates you desire. It’s all about gaining more significant interactions from your customers, and we can help you do that.

3) We can help you install and configure optimally for your business. There are lots of options to configure. MailWizz is packed with features, and it doesn’t take a genius to realise they need help understanding their effect on your campaigns and the benefits they bring to the table. We can help you understand and choose the most optimal settings and features we know would work well for your industry. We utilise custom extensions to build for your specific business and business processes, ensuring more significant ROI. We are also able to take care of all the CPU, RAM, and storage requirements. We are a one-stop-shop for all your needs. We don’t overcharge by keeping our base prices to an absolute minimum. We make money through long-term customers relationships and bulk sign-ups.

It varies from time to time, but we try to deliver within 24 hours of signing up. If you have not received your login details within 24 hours, click on the chat button on your bottom left corner and give us a poke.

Yes! Because we will be looking after your platform every single day of the month and make sure it is always kept in optimal condition so you can keep sending fast email campaigns and the app continues to stay responsive. Apart from this, we provide our technical expertise and consultation to ensure your email marketing is generating the highest ROI out of all other marketing channels your company is using.

Everything you would expect from hosting it yourself except we look after your platform and ensure the speed is up to scratch, security is looked after, and many other things we listed above. We DO NOT restrict you in any way. We do not limit the number of emails you send or the number of contacts, or any other aspect. We give you full admin access, and you are solely responsible for your data. We do not even log in to your platform without your explicit permission and share your credentials with us. However, our charges are based on the number of emails you are sending since essentially that’s what we pay for as it will utilise our CPU, RAM and Storage.

Yes, you get full administrator access. We do not have any account for ourselves, and we can only log in to your platform if you explicitly permit us for troubleshooting an issue.

No! To you, it will look and feel like a default MailWizz installation. We do not place any restrictions, including the number of emails you want to send in an hour, day, or even a month. However, our charges are based on the number of emails you send. It is essentially what is costing us.

Get in touch with us and we can work out a price that works for your business and us.

No! We do not offer any SMTP services but we do help you acquire an account with various SMTP providers out there based on your requirements. We offer MailWizz optimised for high volume bulk email sending. We optimise your platform and look after it by ensuring it is secure, fast, and reliable, so your marketing campaigns perform better. You bring your SMTP server or use one of the largest range of SMTP providers that MailWizz has integration with like Mailgun, Sendgrid, Sparkpost, Postal, Elasticmail, Amazon SES Web API, Pepipost, Mailjet, Sendinblue, Newsman, Postmastery, Pmta,, Inboxroad, Dyn web API, and more.

With that said, we do offer consultancy on which provider works best for your business and type of emails, their pros and cons, the way you obtain an account and how to link them up to your installation. We can even link it up for you, so you are good to go from the minute you sign up.

Starting from as low as $49 for 100,000 emails!

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