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High volume sender? Experience blazing fast speeds

From just $49/month, we configure and optimise MailWizz hosting for your email marketing needs. The software includes all the features you can wish for with message feeds, or costs based on subscriber number of lists as other vendors tend to charge. Full-featured with thorough documentation, you will have all the data on your servers and stay compliant with GDPR. Sending millions of emails using such bulk mailer software can be a challenge, and this is where our team comes in. We make it easy for you to scale your operations efficiently. We make sure your installation stays snappy despite dealing with millions of subscribers, lists, and campaigns. We look after the security for your server and any new patches released, so you will always stay with the most up to date features. If you are someone who is blasting millions of emails, this is an ideal service for you. You do not have to worry about the app hosting complexities, CPU, RAM and all the rest of it. Leave all that to us.

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High volume sender? Experience blazing fast speeds

What we offer for MailWizz users


We make it easy by installing for you, whether it’s the actual software package or mailWizz extensions. We ensure they are installed correctly, so the software performs at its best. We also follow the best practices for top of the class performance.


Leave the configuration to us to optimally configure it to suit your requirements. We help set up your domain, domain authentication, suggest on SPF/DKIM setup, bounce servers, feedback loop servers, delivery settings, cron jobs and more.

Marketing Consulting

Want to land in the inbox? Not sure how to automate? We use our ten years of email marketing experience to suggest how best to run your campaigns and help you implement best practices, and give you some valuable tips and tricks along the way.

High Availability Setup

When you are offline, all your tracking links will stop working, and that’s lost revenue in your marketing effort. Trust us to keep your platform running using a high availability setup, which means there is a backup for backup to ensure your platform is always online.

Server Patching/Updates

Security is critical when storing private email data. This is why we constantly update your server with the latest patches and security updates. Our team of system admins ensure that your platform stays up to date to keep things running smoothly.

Firewall & Security

Another crucial aspect of keeping data secure involves a comprehensive firewall to stop any illegitimate requests and access gain to your customer’s data. We configure a strong firewall and protect your data using the best practices in the industry.

Advanced Caching

We implement best in the industry when it comes to caching from Redis to OPCache. We help optimise to ensure commonly performed tasks like dashboard statistics, so you get instant results without clogging up the database to keep things snappy.

Free CDN

We offer a free, fast, agile, secure global network CDN provider to ensure super fast delivery of dynamic content across the globe. This allows us to keep bandwidth costs to a minimum which we then pass it on to you. It’s world-class CDN service.

Custom Extensions

Want a custom MailWizz extension that aids in your marketing efforts and fits in with your other business tools or apps? We are great at that too. We have developed custom extensions that automate routine tasks, and aid companies deliver great experience.

Top-notch Support

Do you see that little chat button pleading for you to click on it? That’s us. We’re here with you while you are ready for this. We are quick to provide support. It’s one of the things we take pride in. Having a problem with something, just give us a buzz.

Deliverability Consulting

Landing in the inbox can be tricky? There are many things to worry about like domain reputation, authentication, SPF/DKIM, DMARC, spammy keywords, broken links, content-to-image ratio, tracking links, and IP reputation. We can help you with it all including warmed-up IPs.

24/7 Server Monitoring

Wouldn’t you feel comforted knowing someone is monitoring your MailWizz install 24x7x365 days? We provide that kind of monitoring because we know keeping your platform running is important. We make sure that happens and alert you of everything.

Advanced email marketing features and integrations

Developed by us & included in the plans

Spotzee MTA - Email Delivery Service

Spotzee MTA - Email Delivery Service

Spotzee Marketing allows you to send unlimited emails using their bulk SMTP service. Since this is especially useful for affiliate marketers and businesses that do cold outreach, we had several requests to develop an integration that allows you to use this external service confidently. So we created this simple yet effective integration that connects the dots by recognising the bounces and complaints and taking action on affected subscribers. It has a custom webhook address that you can use for setting it up inside the Spotzee. » continue reading

Drag-n-Drop Responsive Email Template Builder

Drag-n-Drop Responsive Email Template Builder

Meet our newest, most intuitive, simple, yet powerful email template builder. Now you can easily drag and drop the blocks (Eg. text and images), upload your media assets, and use them within your MailWizz platform. The template is saved to your library and ready to be used within your email campaigns. We even priced it at a very affordable rate. We will soon introduce 100s of premium email templates for almost every industry. The email builder also lets you use AMP-powered components to make your email highly interactive. » continue reading

ISP Classification

ISP Classification

As the name suggests, this tool lets you classify the emails in your list based on the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) we deliver emails. Seeing ISPs like Microsoft/Yahoo listed there was one of the most requested features. Our customers needed to see which provider (Eg. Gmail/AOL/Baracudda Email Security) their clients were using to help them better target that ISP. This tool plays a crucial role in email deliverability to ensure your emails reach recipients. It helps warm up your IPs as you can segment based on ISP and create a warm-up plan for each. Click to read about how to use this tool.

Email Headers Customisation

Email Headers Customisation

The headers customisation feature allows you to pick and choose the headers you want to use when sending out your email campaigns. It is helpful for some customers as they believe eliminating a certain mix of email headers gave them better deliverability and inboxing rates. By default, the software uses all best practice headers in the email campaign headers, but you can unselect them as you see fit and test how your email delivery rates look. Some headers you can customise include List-Id, X-Report-Abuse, X-EBS, Feedback-Id, and more. Click to read about how to use this tool.

Highly cost-effective pricing

No hidden charges. No ongoing commitments. Straighforward pricing

All plans include

⚡ Access to Drag-and-drop Email Template Builder
Warmed-up IP address(es) purchase option
Marketing consulting service access
Server patching/updates for servers
Free CDN for images and media
High availability setup and configuration
⚡ Ability to use our custom extensions
Firewall & security configuration
⚡ Advanced caching configuration
⚡ Access to top-notch live support
⚡ Access to deliverability consulting service
⚡ 24x7x365 server monitoring
Fully configured ready-to-go email marketing platform
⚡ All advanced marketing features and integrations included

Up to 70% DISCOUNTED PRICES if you want to use your OWN delivery servers

When signing up, you will see an option to choose plans with our delivery server included or to sign up without it. Most customers add sending servers like Sendgrid, MailGun, Spotzee, AWS SES, Pepipost and many others. If you DO NOT have a delivery server, please select the plans with the delivery server included. We will then configure our own JA Web Group API delivery server for you. You will then be able to send emails from our server instead of using your own. Of course, you can always easily add more delivery servers to your MailWizz platform regardless of which plan you choose.









































> 10,000,000





Support plans

Get in touch with our email marketing experts to increase your return on investment.
No matter how skilled you might be, sometimes we all need a little support from time to time.
You can purchase these plans either by contacting us or via the sign up form.

Basic (FREE)

💢 Hosting service-related incidents
💢 Knowledge-base access
💢 Email support
💢 Average response time 24 hours



💢 All incidents covered
💢 Around the clock support
💢 Basic chat support
💢 Knowledge-base access
💢 Prioritized response
💢 Typical response time 1 hour *



💢 Around the clock support
💢 Technical chat support
💢 Knowledge-base access
💢 Highest prioritized response
💢 Typical response time 5 minutes*
💢 Private slack-like channel
💢 Technical consultation
💢 Configuration review
💢 On-boarding strategy analysis


*Subject to our working hours

Looking for just the installation?

Don’t want our hosting plans? Are you looking for someone to help you install MailWizz? Look no further. We can help you install and configure all MailWizz components, including database and caching components (Redis), for just an $89 one-off payment**. You can purchase installation service here. If you also want us to monitor and maintain your server, we can do that for you by buying us a couple of cups of coffee (**$14/month**). We look after your server in the following ways:

  • Zero downtime deployment
  • Latest MailWizz updates are pushed seamlessly
  • Ongoing system updates
  • Security and maintenance updates
  • Proactive monitoring of disk usage, CPU, and RAM
  • Regular email reports of server updates and statistics
  • Auto-healing of web server, caching, and database instances
  • Easy troubleshooting in case things go wrong
  • Ongoing support and configuration of any other software

For more details on what we need from you after purchasing and the requirements of the server, see the FAQ section.

See how much you are saving by using our services

To send around 100,000 emails/month, we charge just $49/month for MailWizz hosting.

Our pricing is highly cost-effective than most cloud providers out there. If you were to host it yourself and have all the features we are providing, you would pay the following amount with each popular cloud provider. These are approximate figures close to the actual cost to prove a point. They are NOT precise to the cents as prices vary from time to time based on many variables like hosting locations. Also, we excluded many vital services as they are hard to break down, for instance, network security, server maintenance and patching, etc.

With Amazon Web Services (AWS)

With Amazon Web Services (AWS)

EC2 Compute Instance with 2 vCPUs, 4GB RAM, and 50GB SSD = $25 + Redis (Elasticache) 2 Node (cache t2.small) = $49 + MySQL (db.t2.small) with 50GB Backup = $35
TOTAL approx. $109/Month

With Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

With Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google Compute Engine Instance with 2vCPUs, 8GB RAM = $48 + Memory Store (Redis) with 1GB Cache = $35 + CloudSQL (MySQL) db-standard 1 with 1vCPU, 3.75GB RAM, 50GB SSD = $93
TOTAL approx. $176/Month

With Microsoft Azure

With Microsoft Azure

Virtual Instance D2v3 with 2vCPUs, 8GB RAM, 50GB SSD = $85 + Azure Cache (Redis) with 1GB cache = $40 + General Purpose Gen5 2vCore MySQL server = $128
TOTAL approx. $253/Month

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Absolutely. We request you to purchase it directly from the official website through Envato Marketplace. Alternatively, you can bring in your existing license and apply for a domain change from their site. Their automated system will be able to do this for you in a matter of seconds, and we are good to go.

Yes, we provide a complimentary outbound SMTP connection which allows you to send both transactional and marketing emails. Each account has enough email credit you purchased (xx emails per month) and utilises some warmed-up IP addresses with good sender reputation scores. Regardless of your plan, you can always add in any email service provider accounts like Sendgrid, Amazon SES, Mailgun etc. But, of course, you need to sign up and configure those delivery servers yourself. We can also provide warmed-up dedicated IPs, and email service provider accounts for an extra charge. Get in touch with us, and we can go through your requirements, what would work best for your business, and the type of emails you would like to send.

After purchasing the software from Envato Marketplaces (Codecanyon), hover your mouse over the username (top right corner) and from the drop-down menu, select Downloads. Then navigate to where it shows you MailWizz and click on Download. There will be another drop-down menu from which you should select License certificate & purchase code (text). Open the text file you downloaded, and you will see your license code under ‘Item Purchase Code’. Please use this code when you sign up. This will allow us to set up your platform and get you started. Click here to see a graphic illustrating this process.

Yes, we provide MailWizz installation services to help install and configure the software for you. All we need from you are SSH server credentials with root access. We can then log in to your server and set up a web server (Nginx), a caching (Redis), and a database (MariaDB). We also perform some high-level optimisations to ensure your platform runs smoothly and speedily. We also offer server maintenance to keep things running efficiently for a minimal charge. Click here to purchase the installation service.

In short, we have two requirements:
1) Fresh clean server
2) OS: Ubuntu 20.04

Also, please note that we offer speed optimisations and proprietary changes for our hosted clients ONLY. We do not install or configure them as part of the installation service.

Long version: We only have a few minor requirements to install and configure the software for you. The first requirement is access to a clean server with nothing installed except the operating system itself. Next, launch a VPS or Dedicated Server using your favourite cloud provider (Eg. Vultr, DigitalOcean, Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator etc.). We need a root login. If you require our SSH Key, please get in touch with us, and we can provide you with our public key. If you have password access, that should be okay as well. The second requirement is to have Ubuntu as the operating system. Apart from those two requirements, we do not need anything else. After placing the order, please email your credentials, *sending domain/sub-domain, and license_ key_, and we will do the rest. Ensure your domain/sub-domain is having an A record to your server IP address. We will set up everything for you, including installing and configuring PHP extensions, caching, database, and cron jobs. After that, you are free to change the password and maintain the server yourself. Please note that after installation, we do not regularly maintain your server. We are happy to maintain your server for a small charge monthly. Talk to us to find out more about this offering.

Yes, we can provide you with warmed-up dedicated IP addresses to enhance your deliverability. You can buy an IP when signing up. IP warming is a practice of gradually increasing the volume of emails you send with a dedicated IP address. This process allows you to establish yourself as a trusted sender with the ISPs (Internet Service Providers). A gradual warm-up takes time and effort. When you first use a dedicated IP to email, ISPs take notice and keep track of the kind of email traffic coming their way. They will look at metrics such as your customers engaging with your email (opening and clicking links).

If you send a large volume of emails using a new IP, you will get temporarily blocked because the ISPs have not had enough chance to determine whether you are a good sender or a spammer. Once warmed up, your IPs get recognised and automatically receive priority over emails coming from new IPs. However, warming up IP addresses is a challenging job because you need to ensure you are consistently sending volume and adjusting your engaged subscribers. Unfortunately, most people fail to warm up their IPs and send emails that go straight to the spam folder. This is where our service comes in handy.

We provide:
- A high reputation.
- An average sender score of 95+/100.
- A dedicated IP address from multi-region.

You can save yourself from starting slow and slowly getting to the desired sending limit. In addition, you can use our IPs to create email blasting without any immediate throttles.

Yes. We can export your MailWizz installation - the SQL file. The files running MailWizz are the same as those you can download from the original website. Get in touch with our team, and we can help you get your database file (.sql), so you can start hosting the software yourself. We can also help you cancel the subscription plan and close your account entirely. We don’t play nasty. If you don’t like what we are offering, request us to cancel and export your data, and we will do just that: no questions asked and no dramas.

Unlimited. We don’t restrict you on anything. Everything is unlimited, and we apply a fair usage policy. You can have as many delivery servers, domains, contacts, and lists as possible. You can utilise every function the software offers.

Very different. We provide a complimentary email server to send your emails with. They are a high reputation, have warm IPs and go out from a shared pool.

1) Fast bulk email sending at its best. When you host MailWizz, a bulk email sender, yourself, many things could cause a bottleneck for you to deliver your email campaigns with speed optimally. And when it comes to email campaigns, you can ask an expert; they will always tell you timing is everything. We have seen hundreds of clients whose emails performed far better because they could deliver on time and get their customer’s attention at optimal times. What’s the point of sending an email campaign at the end of a working day when most people aren’t interested in seeing another email as they finish their workday? This is one of the differences we bring to the table. We can optimise their software in a way where you can deliver email campaigns with speed.

2) We are experts in digital marketing. We look after many things you probably won’t be able to by yourself. We have run the software for several years, and we know what works and what doesn’t. We are always suggesting our clients the best ways to get the most out of their digital marketing. We can learn more about your business and suggest the best practices explicitly catered for your business. We can suggest optimisations to make to your email campaign to get those extra open and click rates you desire. It’s all about gaining more significant interactions from your customers, and we can help you do that.

3) We can help you install and configure optimally for your business. There are lots of options to configure. MailWizz is packed with features, and it doesn’t take a genius to realise they need help understanding their effect on your campaigns and the benefits they bring to the table. We can help you understand and choose the most optimal settings and features we know would work well for your industry. We utilise custom extensions to build for your specific business and business processes, ensuring more significant ROI. We are also able to take care of all the CPU, RAM, and storage requirements. We are a one-stop shop for all your needs. We don’t overcharge by keeping our base prices to an absolute minimum. We make money through long-term customers relationships and bulk sign-ups.

It varies from time to time, but we try to deliver within 24 hours of signing up. If you have not received your login details within 24 hours, click on the chat button on your bottom left corner and give us a poke.

Yes. Because we will be looking after your platform every single day of the month and make sure it is always kept in optimal condition so you can keep sending fast email campaigns and the app continues to stay responsive. Apart from this, we provide our technical expertise and consultation to ensure your email marketing is generating the highest ROI out of all other marketing channels your company is using.

Everything you would expect from hosting it yourself except we look after your platform and ensure the speed is up to scratch, security is looked after, outbound email server to start emailing (unless you choose the no delivery server option), and many other things we listed above. We DO NOT restrict you in any way. We do not limit the number of emails (given you purchased the credit) you send or the number of contacts, or any other aspect. We give you full admin access, and you are solely responsible for your data. We do not log in to your platform without your explicit permission and share your credentials with us. However, our charges are based on the number of emails you are sending since essentially that’s what we pay for as it will utilise our CPU, RAM and Storage for the MailWizz hosting. You are also helping us cover the costs of providing you with a highly reputable email IP pool to get you started, which comes complimentary with your account. Most customers tend to use this for sending transactional email or highly engaging content like auto-responders.

Yes, you get full administrator access. However, we do not have an account for ourselves, and we can only log in to your platform if you explicitly permit us for troubleshooting an issue. We also DO NOT provide any Cpanel or hosting control panel since this is a fully managed, no-hassle platform where you don’t need to worry about any part of the backend management. We do that all for you.

Not really. To you, it will look and feel like a default MailWizz hosting. We disable editing of specific fields for security purposes but nothing that limits what you can do with your platform. We do not place any restrictions, including the number of emails you want to send in an hour, day, or even a month. However, our charges depend on the number of emails you send since that is what costs us.

Yes absolutely. There are times when our customers want an expert opinion, and we are it. We have been in this industry for well over ten years. We have seen it evolve into what it is now. We can guide you through setting up your campaigns, automating some parts of marketing, designing email templates, talking you through metrics and optimising your campaign performance. We also work with you on deliverability to ensure you are landing in the inbox where your marketing campaign is visible. We guide you on what helps you keep out of your spam folder and ensure high email delivery rates. Our cost is minimal and starts from around $50/hour - secure payment link. So if you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, we can help break things down and guide you through getting a high return on investment (ROI) for your business.

Get in touch with us and we can work out a price that works for your business and us.

Yes. Each account comes with a pre-configured complimentary SMTP service that allows you to send the same amount of email credits you purchased. You can use this as your primary SMTP server for sending marketing campaigns. The credit renews each month. This service does not require warm-up as they are shared IPs among our users. They are highly reputated but have throttles to ensure no spam gets sent through. In addition to that, we can help you acquire an account with various SMTP providers out there based on your requirements. We offer MailWizz optimised for high volume bulk email sending. We optimise your platform and look after it by ensuring it is secure, fast, and reliable, so your marketing campaigns perform better. You bring your SMTP server or use one of the largest range of SMTP providers that MailWizz has integration with like Mailgun, Sendgrid, Sparkpost, Postal, Elasticmail, Amazon SES Web API, Pepipost, Mailjet, Sendinblue, Newsman, Postmastery, Pmta,, Inboxroad, Dyn web API, and more.

With that said, we do offer consultancy on which provider works best for your business and type of emails, their pros and cons, the way you obtain an account and how to link them up to your installation. We can even link it up for you, so you are good to go from the minute you sign up.

Yes, we do. We take care of all the system requirements and checks to ensure your best self-hosted email marketing software - MailWizz, runs smoothly. This is part of our offering, so you can reliably send your marketing campaigns without a hiccup. In addition, we meet the following basic server requirements for the bulk email sender to work efficiently - Compatible PHP Version, SERVER Variable, Reflection extension, PCRE extension, SPL extension, DOM extension, PDO DB-related extension, PDO MySQL DB-related extension, Multibyte string, cURL extension, GD extension, Zip archive, CDateFormatter, CDateTimeParser, CTextHighlighter, CHtmlPurifier, Fileinfo extension - CFileValidator, and IMAP extension. Some of these extensions are specifically for MailWizz core, MySQL database for creating export archives, installing custom extensions, MIME-type validation, and processing bounced emails.

MailWizz is known as one of the best bulk mailer for sending out the most cost-effective email campaigns. You can bulk send large quantities of emails, target specific customers based on their behaviour or traits, gain insights into your customers’ responses and more. With a highly competitive price for lifetime use of this software, it is no wonder many email marketers are keen to give it a go. It’s easy to install MailWizz bulk mailer in three easy steps.

Step one: Get a MailWizz license. If you are signing up for our service, we have an option available to purchase it directly from us. This will allow you to use the software for as long as you like without any recurring fee. Of course, there is a yearly renewal fee if you want to keep up with the latest version, but it still beats the competition. What you would spend for three months subscription is what it would cost for a whole year’s up-to-date version of MailWizz.

Step two: Install MailWizz on your server, but if you are going with one of our paid plans, we do all this for you. Installing it on a reliable hosting server is essential for speed and performance. Its core requirement is quite simple - a Linux operating machine (Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat), Apache/Nginx web server, PHP version 7 or newer, MySQL/MariaDB with InnoDB storage engine, and CRON job access to schedule tasks.

Step three: Connect your favourite SMTP provider by adding it to MailWizz. It doesn’t come with any server to send from, and we DO NOT recommend that you use the server directly to send emails from as many things might not be set up correctly (Eg. SPF, DKIM, rDNS). However, you can easily connect with providers like Sendgrid, SparkPost, Mailgun, Mailjet and many others. The software has inbuilt integrations with almost all major players in the market. After adding, ensure you share your webhook URL with the provider and send a test email campaign to check if the bounces and complaints are recognised correctly.

Nearly 90% of these steps are omitted when you sign up for our hosted service as we do all the hard work. You just configure who you want to send emails with and get going.

We host your platform on the ‘cloud’ across multiple regions in the United States. We utilise highly optimised Kubernetes clusters and various other cloud technologies to bring this autoscaling platform to life. We love providing our users with a seamless experience. Hence, we ensure the high availability of all services, including distributed file systems, to server media files from the closest region to your customers. We also make sure of Redis cache that MailWizz has pre-built integration to keep our platforms fast. In addition, each MailWizz installation comes with isolated resources, including private encrypted storage, network policies, security rules, and failover redundancies. No one has access to your data but yourself. One of the ways we ensure this is by creating no administrator account for ourselves. You have complete control over your platform. Apart from this, our system is optimised to handle millions of visitor traffic worldwide. It scales globally, balancing traffic across multiple servers. We even offer private cloud to customers who need absolute isolation. Talk to one of us as we can cater to almost every need.

Technically, No. You have complete control over your platform and full responsibility for the kind of email campaigns you want to send your customers. We only contact you if you happen to send something illegal or pure spam, receiving lots of complaints from users.

No. The whole idea behind offering this email marketing software as a service is to allow customers to concentrate on their marketing campaigns and leave the server management. While you get full admin access, you do not get server access since we host across a cluster of computers in our cloud. We manage it for you and if something is missing that you need, let us know, and we can work with you on getting it in there.

Mumara is another widely available email marketing software with great features. Its highlight features include Rest API, Webhooks, Use of multiple SMTP providers, Setting up dedicated pools of IPs.

While these are a great set of features, we believe MailWizz has a competitive edge over the self-hosted marketing application market. MailWizz has a far more intuitive modern user interface, advanced drag-and-drop email template builder, deep user segmentation, extensive autoresponders, content personalisation, multi-source subscriber synchronisation features, IP warm-up features and more. It also doesn’t charge you per user, which comes in handy when you have people you want to work with. MailWizz also releases frequent updates with bug fixes, feature enhancements, and software upgrades. We release these newer versions almost as soon as they get released.

Helpful information

MailWizz is a fully-featured email marketing software at a very affordable price. What makes it a great marketing software is its top-notch support provided by a really helpful team led by Cristian and a fantastic, engaging community of users in the forums. In addition, the software is well documented and easy to extend via themes and custom plugins. It has been battle-tested and been used in production for close to 10 years as of 2022. It supports nearly every popular email vendor, including Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), Mailgun, Sendgrid, ElasticEmail, etc. Despite it being bulk email sender, it comes fully compliant with GDPR rules and regulations, which helps your organisation comply while carrying out your marketing efforts. It’s super fast in terms of its sending speed. Some of our customers have achieved over 10 million emails an hour. That’s a lot of emails, and through our MailWizz hosting, you can reach those speeds too. They have over 13,000 customers and have been the best selling product on Envato Marketplace, with nearly 4000 code commits to keep the software up to date.

MailWizz backend allows businesses to customise and provide marketing solutions to other agencies with ease. You can easily create and manage customers using the user’s backend section. The backend is separated from the customer control panel, making it easy to distinguish and operate securely. You can create various groups of customers with multiple limitations placed on that group. Group creation is helpful if you want the management team to view the campaigns and not have access to edit or make changes to the marketing campaign. You have an option to administer various groups and their marketing campaigns all from the backend without having to visit every single account. They have other helpful features in helping you administer the platform, such as sending a mass email to all the users within the organisation who have access to your marketing platform. You can view their login logs and set up various delivery servers of well-known email vendors, bounce servers to catch failed to give up emails, and feedback loop servers to better manage complaints.

MailWizz frontend has many useful features such as subscriber management, campaign management, and report generation. Within subscriber management, you could import various contacts within your organisation securely via CSV file or manually one by one (not ideal). In addition, you can add custom attributes; for example, if a customer belongs to a specific branch within a country, you could add them. You can then use this data to create highly personalised, engaging emails. You can stick to your organisation’s branding by creating unique email templates to catch your customer’s eyes. They are relatively easy to make and edit as the software provides a way to edit content through an easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get). You can easily use drag and drop theme builders to integrate a perfectly crafted marketing campaign and import it. You can track how your campaign is performing through open and click tracking. In addition to this, you can get the actual locations to show on the geo map. Many features will help enhance the deliverability aspect and allow you to increase further the chances of engaging with your audience. Some of these features include tracking domains, generating SPF/DKIM settings and sending complaint emails.

SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a communication protocol or technology behind email sending and receiving. In simpler terms, it’s two computers talking to each other and one of them saying I have a message for you and the other saying, ‘Great, what is it?’. Every SMTP server has a unique address and needs configuration on the local client, doing all the talking. Without this communication protocol, you practically send any emails. Each successfully relayed email leaves us with a code (Eg. success code). Without getting into too much detail, you can add a variety of email servers to MailWizz to send your marketing campaigns.

Some of the built-in supported SMTP types that MailWizz comes with include the following:
- SMTP Amazon
- SMTP Postmastery
- SMTP Postal
- SMTP Inboxroad

Some of the currently supported SMTP API providers that come out of the box with MailWizz are:
- Mailgun Web API
- Sparkpost Web API
- Sendgrid Web API
- Inboxroad Web API
- Postal Web API
- Elasticemail Web API
- Mailjet Web API
- Sendinblue Web API
- Newman Web API
- Dyn Web API
- Tipimail Web API
- Postmark Web API
- Mailerq Web API

Of course, this does not mean you would have to settle in for either an SMTP or an API. You can make the software compile all the emails and store them in a directory. You can then program your script or software that allows mail to be picked up from a directory and sent. There are many ways you can do this, too, including the use of some fantastic open-source software. You can also configure a custom SMTP server that you use and is not listed, thereby selecting the server type as ‘SMTP’. Then, plug in the details and save it. The software also allows you to send out test emails which is great to test if the server you added is working or has an error. It is beneficial to ensure all is working before sending your marketing campaigns.

You can add a new server type by going to ‘Servers’ from the software’s ‘/backend’ administration. Then click on ‘Create new server’, and a list of possible options listed above will show up. From there, click on the desired SMTP server or SMTP API you would like to add and fill in the details from your provider. Each provider has a slightly different configuration, but most API types require an API key which you can mainly generate from your account settings of that provider. For example, with SMTP, you can add in the host, which is also the same as the IP address of your email server. You would also need your username and password set up before adding it. Depending on what protocol your email server is willing or capable of working with, you can use various ports, but mostly it would be 587 for TLS encryption or 25 (most common).

Once the SMTP servers are added, you must configure your sending domain. You can do that by going to ‘Domains’ and then selecting sending domain. Enter the domain name you want to send from (Eg., and this will generate your DKIM records. Add the DKIM records to your DNS via your DNS provider. Give it some time so that the DNS resolution takes place, and then come back to this page to verify. Once verified, you are ready to send emails from that domain using the server you have configured in the above steps. We don’t just provide MailWizz hosting; we also look after our customers. So if you are struggling with any part of this, jump on the chats or email us and we will happily guide you through this configuration process and get your SMTP and domain validated.

One of the advantages of letting us host MailWizz for you is that you don’t need to worry about upgrades or updates on the application. We take care of that for you. Our cloud-based operations allow us to push updates to every customer of ours without their platform going down. It will be seamless, as if there was no upgrade. We ensure high uptime, so your platform stays online always. This was one of our priorities in offering this service because we know how important marketing data and its availability is for you and your organisation.

In saying that, MailWizz itself thought intensely about this process, and they ensured upgrading was a piece of cake. They ship all their updates in a folder containing changed files and any SQL statements that need to be executed. The script automatically runs everything in proper order to ensure data integrity. But as they say, for every software out there, make sure you BACK UP your data. DO NOT proceed with any updating without backing up your data first. Despite coding and testing, there is always room for human error. An easy-to-use extension is available called ‘Backup Manager’, which aids novice users. Our customers do not need to worry about this since all their data is backed up regularly, encrypted, and kept safely in the cloud. Backing up to the cloud happens without user intervention or user input, just like our upgrades.

The documentation site clearly says to follow specific steps when upgrading from 1.x to 2.x versions. We are not going to go over that. We are assuming that you wanted to upgrade your v2.x instances. Follow the steps to upgrade from your current 2.x version to the latest 2.x version.

- Pause any active campaigns or scheduled campaigns and ensure no campaigns are running during this period
- Set your application and API to be offline. You can do this by going into your admin panel -> Settings -> Common and putting both app and API to be offline
- Upload the contents of the ‘update’ folder on your hosting server (make sure to overwrite the existing similar named files)
- Point the browser to and click on ‘Update’. This will run the update cycle and come back with a success or error message. Don’t navigate away from the site, as it might take a while if there is a lot of data.
- Congratulations! You have successfully upgraded your installation.

After the upgrade, ensure the following folders are writable by your web server, so there are no weird error messages that pop up. Even if you do not have an account with us, we still provide email marketing consulting, so contact our team. We will happily help you get through this process or troubleshoot any other MailWizz or email marketing issues you are having.

Running your own Mailchimp clone might seem like an impossible task, but it isn’t. It is a booming industry, and it’s still the best form of direct marketing. Of course, many businesses offer email marketing software, but that hasn’t stopped newer companies from offering their twist on what makes up a good bulk mailing software. You can run without hiring a considerable team since everything is set up for you with MailWizz, from offering it to your customers from a white-label domain and meeting their marketing demands with ease.

A business-savvy way to put this is by telling you to identify your market and see who your potential customers are and what your niche would be. You indeed need to meet your client’s needs to retain customers because it’s not just about converting them but keeping them as long-term loyal customers. That comes with offering them excellent support. It is possible by using many tools that complement your marketing software, such as providing phone support, live chat, zoom sessions to help customers onboard etc. It also comes down to timing; you need to be able to offer the business the right solutions at the right time. It pays to study their business and see the kind of marketing they need to do to progress in their industry. It helps to understand their customers and what they are looking for in your client’s business. For your email marketing software clone to succeed, you must ensure you meet your client’s expectations in helping them see high ROI for their email campaigns.

MailWizz bulk email sender, like ActiveCampaign clone or GetResponse clone, has lots of SAAS business features that allow you to step right into providing solutions to your potential clients. For example, the payment gateways are tightly integrated into the software so you can enable your customers to pay for the plans you create and charge them within the application through providers like PayPal or Stripe. You can also make offline payments and configure plans based on various restrictions, like the number of emails they can send in a month or the number of contacts they can upload. You can create multiple pricing plans with ease and set different permissions based on what you are pricing them. You can manage the orders that come through with ease as its also integrated within the platform. You can manage these orders, manually create new orders, see which orders had their payments go through etc. During seasonal times, you can set up promo or coupon codes to drive sales without having to code any further logic or touch a piece of programming code. It neatly integrates into the payment system. It even does the taxes and currency calculations, keeping your accountant happy.

So you can start your very own MailChimp clone or Sendinblue clone in a matter of days instead of years with MailWizz. At the same time, our hosting takes care of meeting your customer’s demands, supporting them through high-performance sending and scalability.

MailWizz allows you to run your email marketing business with custom plans by number of emails sent, number of subscribers or limiting various features as premium. You can set your pricing model and charge your customers using well-known payment providers like Stripe and PayPal. Thanks to its robust API, you can integrate your custom CRM or any other tools you use to promote your business. It allows your customers to use many popular email service providers like Amazon Web Services Simple Email Service, Sendgrid, Mailgun, Mailjet, Sparkpost, Elastic Email, Pepipost and more.

You have unlimited everything, and so does your customer. We provide plans that are specific to your business and operations so you can talk to us about your requirements. Do you want custom extensions designed? Our team of professionals can get that done for you in a matter of time. We look after the hosting and uptime so you can focus on growing your email marketing business. You can administer all the email campaigns from your central administration backend along with lists, groups, sub-accounts and more. You can send a mass email to your customers and keep them engaged. Creative marketing agencies can design responsive email templates for their clients and import them straight into their accounts for use.

You can customise it to have your logo and colours. In addition, we allow custom extensions and language packs. You can charge the right price, introduce promo codes, and charge in multiple currencies and MailWizz can even look after the taxes for you. So just sit back and watch the money come through without lifting a finger since we look after everything for you. It’s a no-brainer.

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