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IT Consulting

IT Strategy and Consulting Services

We help you transform your IT operations through advanced business analytics and process improvement techniques. We work with many world-class software providers to know what is the right offering for your particular project and business needs. We are unique in our solution formulation and we give truly independent IT advice. We have been in this market for more than 15 years and we only suggest what we would use ourselves. Our initial consultation is free so talk to one of us and see how we can help.

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IT Consultancy for Businesses

Our IT Consultancy services stretch beyond looking at immediate problems or challenges your business is facing. We understand very well that our industry is rapidly changing and reluctance to change would make your business uncompetitive with greater overheads to take care of than your competitors. We can help you develop strategies that would transform your legacy systems into modern usable applications. We can also build IT solutions that equate to greater productivity, improved business processes and flexible for change.

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Our range of IT consultancy services

Enterprise Architecture Planning

Our planning process defines robust architecture for use of information in support of the business. We do everything from planning initiation to implementation/migration plans.

IT Strategy Planning

Get more value from your IT budget with strategic planning involving discussions on company vision, mission, objectives, priorities, plans, results-driven strategies and more.

ERP & Supply Chain Management

Minimize risk and increase rate of successful ERP system implementation from our team of experts. Improve your growth and lower costs with our industry experience in supply chain and operations management.

E-Commerce & Mobile Commerce

Keep your business running 24/7/365 and boost your revenue. Let our team worry about setting up stores, mobility, SEO & marketing, branding, engagements, security and more.

Server Mangement & Deployment

Running a single server or multi-tenant architecture, leave the management headaches to us. You would benefit from lower downtime, less problems, better security, data protection, optimisations and more.

Data Migration & Storage

Effective data migration procedures and guidelines are provided for storage migration, database migration, application migration, business process migration, and more.

System Integration or Migration

Accelerate your business performance by letting us handle complex system integration from requirements planning to architecture design, design & functional testing deployment and more.

Web & Mobile App Development

Got an amazing idea but you need help bringing it to life? Our 3D experts can help you with that. We create 3D models and animations that help you present your ideas more creatively to end-users.

Information Systems Security

Disruptions, leaks, and vulnerabilities put your business at risk. With our team of professional white-hat security professionals, we keep your information systems secure whether it?s an internal or external network.

Tailored IT Solutions

We build custom solutions for your business. We offer tailor-made, technology-driven, enterprise-grade solutions to meet your specific business needs. Our solutions are made to suit all budgets from sole traders to corporates.

Business IT strategy and consulting services we offer

Digital Strategy

Digital Transformation

Business Process Reengineering

Virtual CIO & CTO Services

Digital Marketing

Office 365 Cloud Services

Software Development

Technology Roadmap Consulting

New Startup Business Consulting

Business CCTV Surveillance

Business Model Innovation

Network Survey

Software Licensing Advice

Digital Strategy & Transformation

Digital Marketing

Cloud Hosting

IT consultancy benefits

With years of experience in providing robust solutions to businesses around the world, our team has the expertise you need without the price tag that you expect to pay. Our in-house experts design solutions that cover a wide range of business and technology requirements. Whether you are looking for on-site management services or off-site, we are here to help. We have proven track record of success in a range of services and we don?t take things for granted. Our aim has always been and always will be to please our customers by providing them with outstanding service they expect from us.

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