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Graphics Design

Photoshop | 3D Design | UI Design

We've done 100s of projects involving graphics design for print media, logos, brochures, leaflets/flyers, business cards, and infographics. We provide with intelligent media that communicates your ideas across. We also excel at turning your ideas into captivating 3D designs. As for our UI design team, they have eye for detail and they like keeping things pixel perfect like this website.

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Design services we offer


It’s a known fact, your logo is your business identity. It needs to convey the right message. That requires a perfect blend of both the creative and technical elements to make an impression that lasts. We design logos to have that perfect balance in color, unique, distinguishable among your competitors, and professional in all aspects. We have fast turnarounds, multiple revisions and costing that is economic.


Brochures come in different sizes and shapes. They are made to be informative, communicate an idea, convince users of something, and convert them into taking an action. Our graphic brochure designers research, conceptualize, develop and publish highly effective brochures that make them a pleasure to read. We keep you involved every step of the way from design to final rendering.


Big posters demand great attention. Our designers unleash their creativity on such large canvas with rich stock photos and original artwork. We make it pixel perfect and set it up in ways which have been proven to work in the past. This separates us from the rest of designers out there. We keep it on time and to technically specifications to create breathtaking work that seeks to impress through use of colors, shapes and typography.

Business Card Design

We design business cards that speak for you. After all, they are there to impress from the very first meeting to the last. Its a conversation starter and a deal maker. It has the power to convert leads to customers. We make that happen. We create effective, unique, and professional business cards that truly represent your business and what you do. We have in-depth experience and skills in carving beautiful, and creative business cards.


Ever heard that saying ? a picture is worth a thousand words? That?s what we offer with infographic design. It?s becoming an increasingly popular method to summarize complex information into easily readable formats. It?s known to be one of the most powerful content marketing strategies. It creates emotions instantly and spreads like germs ? virally through social networks creating massive traffic to your site.

3D Design

Got an amazing idea but you need help bringing it to life? Our 3D experts can help you with that. We create 3D models and animations that help you present your ideas more creatively to end-users. Whether you are looking at visualizing architecture or products and whether you need it with animated clips or still images in your 3D presentations, we have the updated knowledge on technologies to deliver you quality renderings.

UI Design

User Interface design is considered to be an art in itself. It?s all about giving your customers the best experience possible. We define proven models, user task flows, specifications, interactions, and screen designs specific to stakeholders involved with you involved in all parts of this process. Ultimately, we believe in that saying ?If people can?t use a product, they won?t?. Having a great UI plays a crucial role in your business success.

Flash/Flex Design

Flash is Flashy. Whether you are looking to customize a flash theme or more complex we are here to make that happen. We have skilled staff who undertake work in Adobe Flash CS3-CS5 and Adobe Flex Builder. We take care of it all including skinning your app, desktop integration, integrations, interactions, validations, and developing it with scalability in mind. We do rich content creation and rich application development.

Graphic Design Services

Graphics and Print Media design services include designing your corporate identity (letterheads to business cards), brochure design, logo design, business card design, covers & layouts, poster, leaflets, flyers, labels, CD/DVD covers, and anything else you could possibly think of. Our standards are high and we seek to impress our customers with breathtaking designs that convey messages. Our experts choose the right blend of colors, shapes, typography, and technical specifications to production design solutions for any competitive industries out there.

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3D Design Services

We turn your design ideas and imaginations into captivating 3D design models that stand out. Our creative professionals produce stunning animations and models that aid you in presenting your ideas across to those you are trying to get on board. We have experience in produce light sketch ups all the way to intensely realistic models and environments. Some of our services include developing architectural walkthroughs, interior planning, product renderings, simulations, animations, industrial rendering and creative 3D presentation.

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UI Design Services

User Interface Design in simple terms is design and strategy put together. It?s much more than just designing interfaces that are simple and easy to use. It involves reading into the user?s minds, their interactions with your products, and a whole lot of other things. One must study the stages of awareness, consideration, acquisition, activation, purchase, retention and advocacy to build something truly outstanding. With these in mind, we identify key opportunities and remove friction to give your customers a seamlessly enjoyable experience. We pride ourselves in implementing repeatable, and scalable process through research, strategy building, implementation, and review.

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