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Using drag-n-drop HTML email template builder for MailWizz

Step 1
Purchase the required credit to use our excellent email template builder.

Step 2
Choose the customer account in MailWizz in which you’d like to create the email template. Then go to ‘Price Plans’ -> ‘Add-ons’. There are a variety of add-on packages available to choose from, so select the template add-on package which best suits your requirements.

Choose an email template addon

Step 3
After clicking the ‘Purchase’ button, select ‘Stripe Subscriptions’ as your payment method to pay via Credit Card. Next, enter your credit card details and click ‘Proceed to payment’, and you will arrive at the payment page - remember that this charge recurs every month, so make sure you cancel it after using up your credit to avoid being recharged the next month.

Submit the payment via Stripe

Step 4
Go to the ‘Email templates’ menu from the left and click on ‘Create new’.

Create new email template

Step 5
Once loaded, click on the ‘Show email builder’ link in the top right corner of the WYSIWYG editor.

Show email builder

Step 6
You should now see the email builder fully loaded. On the top right corner are some basic templates that you can use. We can start with ‘Blank’ if you prefer to start from scratch.

Choose blank template

Step 7
Start by dragging a structure from the ‘Content’ tab to place elements. You are now building the bare bones. Think of them as little boxes in which you will place your content. For example, you can do three structures — one column structure as the header, two-column for the body, and one column for the footer.

Example email structures

Step 8
Now click on ‘Blocks’ in the same ‘Content’ tab and drag some text into these structures. Drag an image into the ‘body’ structure in the middle and another text element for your footer.

Drag and drop text and images

Step 9
Use the top toolbar to customise the font type, size, and colours. There are other options to explore as well.

WYSIWYG text toolbar

Step 10
To further customise each of these ‘Blocks’ - click on them, and relating options will show up to your left. Most options are self-explanatory (Eg. line spacing).

Block text tools

Step 11
Finally, customise the global options for your template by switching to the ‘Appearance’ tab. From here, you can configure how comprehensive your email template should be, background colour, font, and other such options. You can also customise how it should look when viewing from a mobile phone.

Appearance options

Step 12
Click on the ‘Save changes’ button at the bottom right corner of the page to save your newly built email template.

Step 13
Congratulations, you have built your fully responsive and very first email template, coded correctly in HTML and ready to be used for sending an email campaign. You can edit the text while sending a campaign or on the template page using the WYSIWYG editor options.

Note: Remember, the add-on template credit deducts the first time you save a template. You can continually update the same template as often as you like by clicking on the ‘Update’ button. You can also export the HTML source code and use it anywhere else.