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Task2gather - organize, store, complete tasks - all in one

Published on by Priya Jain
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Organize, store and complete all your tasks is one way of explaining about this great application. It is simple, free but effective way to manage all your projects at one place. While browsing around the web to find simple way to store tasks and projects in short-term and long-term basis, I found that this was exact solution I was looking for. What I really like about this application is that it is fast. What i mean by fast, is that, it doesn’t load itself as a traditional website does. It loads the section it needs to and not the whole thing. For example, you wanted to add a new task, it doesn’t load the whole website to take you to a page where you can add new tasks but rather loads the section immediately. It is viable to say that it is truly a “Web 2.0” app. The login interface seems to be easy to figure out and very easy to register yourself with few basic details and you are on to the app. Some of its main features include:

  • Hierarchical structure - Hierarchical tasks organization brings order in your life.
  • Share your projects - You can invite people you need to complete a project with and assign tasks to them.
  • Easy to Use - It is easy to use with clear labels on what goes where
  • Filter - You can filter tasks with the colors you have assigned them with.
  • Reports - Create reports on user statistics, project statistics and project progress

I personally loved using this application to maintain my to-do-list. It does have some pros and cons which might need an improvement or deserve a praise on.


  • Easy to use interface with clear labels to figure out what is where
  • Add personalized comments to tasks that would be useful for future references for special notes
  • Bright colors can be used for spotting tasks and assigning color for specific tasks
  • Descriptive notes to help you in creating tasks
  • Divide tasks into subtasks
  • Share tasks with friends
  • Discuss tasks with your friends
  • Set Deadline for your tasks or projects
  • Progress (estimated/spent hours) can be recorded for each task
  • Reports can be prepared by user statistics, project statistics, project progress from various time periods.
  • Has an iPhone app and ability to sync newly created data
  • Calendar subscription that can be exported to ical on Mac


  • A bit laggy at times with firefox and may have to repeat desired clicks
  • Labels are small and therefore not a good accessibility for disabled and for special needs people
  • No email reminders for new posts or comment relating to tasks
  • Need to use external uploading service provider for uploading project files which usually is beneficially
  • Limited customization options for various aspects such as options for how users want to be notified

Overall, I think Task2Gather is an excellent application for personal and business use. It is reliable service provided by Vito Technology and is free of charge. The project management applications seem to double in these times of “Web 2.0 Battle”, and better features and service would prove to be the winner. Although, Task2Gather cannot meet high-end business needs, it is great application to use for setting up quick tasks and projects.

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