Spotify using TensorFlow - machine learning to suggest music and playlists!


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Create a newspaper-style dropcap effect with css3

Ever wanted to have that newspaper style effect or otherwise known as Drop cap effect? Well here is how you can use CSS3 to achieve this job. They are used rarely in blogs, web blogs, websites, community websites and articles sites despite the :first-letter selector having been around for quite a …

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A trend tool from Google - Google insight for search

Google Insight for Search ad randomly popped up on top of my gmail inbox. In a quest of searching for a good post for Teckitech, I clicked on it and found it quite amazing and much similar to Wolfram Alpha. A result from Google Insight for Search usually contains a graph with the search volume, …

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Write SEO-friendly blogs

Your blogs help you in many ways, from engaging readers to acquiring new leads, today it has become impossible for a brand to survive without a blog. Customers are looking for content that is useful to them and based on which they decide their tenure with your brand. Creating high quality SEO blogs

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