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We can help take your business to the next level through strategic IT services and IT solutions which unify, align, and drive your people, processes and technology. Starting with a comprehensive evaluation of your existing technology, workflow, people and processes, we deliver a complete package to help connect your people, data, and operations in line with your organisation’s vision, strategies and goals.

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Innovative IT Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Unlock new possibilities. Boost your productivity. Automate your business processes. We give you the power to make decisions based on insights from your data through our intelligent and tailored AI solutions…

Business Intelligence (BI)

Enable better decision making by utilising the data your business generates every day. We help you collect the data, transform the data for analysis, store it safely and securely in data warehouses…

Cloud Computing

We work with many industry-leading cloud computing providers like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Linode, DigitalOcean and others to help your business stay ahead and cut down your infrastructure costs…


Our enterprise solutions range from helping your business transition smoothly into the ever-growing mobile market. Our enterprise content management offerings address problems most businesses…

App Development

Hiring a good web development agency is crucial for your business success. Our team of expert programmers work with a wide range of available technologies from PHP, Python, Go, Rust, Ruby, Java, Scala, Flutter, Objective-C and more…


Flexible IT Services

Data Backup and Recovery

Data is more valuable than oil and it only makes sense to hand over data backup to people who know best about data backup and recovery. We work with reliable providers who pride themselves on storing copies of what you value most and providing you a copy when you ask for it…

Graphics Design

We’ve done 100s of projects involving graphics design for print media, logos, brochures, leaflets/flyers, business cards, and infographics. We provide with intelligent media that communicates your ideas across. We also excel at turning your ideas into captivating 3D designs…

Web Optimisation

We’re SEO Company that delivers visible results and we help you rank high in search engines. We guarantee search engine ranking by making use of best search engine optimization techniques and marketing strategies that are fully compliant with Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others…

Enterprise Applications

Manage your business from anyplace and anytime. Access your information systems in the most mobile way possible by making use of our enterprise mobility solutions. Increasing popularity in the major OS such as Android, iOS, and Windows allows businesses to benefit from…

IT Consulting

We help you transform your IT operations through advanced business analytics and process improvement techniques. We work with many world-class software providers to know what is the right offering for your particular project and business needs. We are unique in our solution formulation…

Managed IT

Our team of experts can help you manage your IT infrastructure so you can focus on what you do best – running your business and experiencing growth. In the current day and age, nearly all businesses need IT systems they can rely on and support critical business functions…

IT Support

JA aims to provide exceptional customer experience and proactive IT support for your business. We do not lock you in with a contract so you can choose to continue with us each month by the way we perform. We also work with flexible SLA backed agreements and each support plan…


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